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Surveying for all

The in-house surveying department ensures seamless communication from the requirement to the result. From coarse to fine – everything is possible with state-of-the-art surveying technology.




Short distances, flexible solutions and close cooperation with the site management lead to higher quality and faster execution. This increases the efficiency of the entire project.

An in-house surveying department has many advantages. A lengthy and costly outsourcing is no longer necessary. The preparation of the results and their transmission are also faster. Our in-house surveying engineer and his staff are equipped with the latest surveying technology. In addition to high-precision, motorized, electro-optical, remote-controlled tachymeters, our surveying staff also have a very modern GNSS antenna, which is networked online for accurate results, even in difficult terrain.

Our scope of services

  • Preparation of planning bases
  • Transfer of the planning to the location
  • Building supervision
  • Evidence preservation measurements
  • Inventory Documentation for Settlement

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laying of the foundation stone in Großkrotzenburg

laying of the foundation stone in Großkrotzenburg

new con- struction of a nursing home

In November 2019 the time had come again - the laying of the foundation stone. This time in Großkrotzenburg during the turnkey new construction and extension of the Theresa nursing home.