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Good architecture is functional, attractive and sustainable

Good architecture is functional, appealing and sustainable. Our architecture department is responsible for the technical, functional, design and economic planning as well as the architecture of buildings and structures. It is not only the construction planning that is important, but above all the aesthetic and efficient design of the buildings to be constructed.

Our architects are not only responsible for planning, but also for tasks during and after the construction process. The construction planning phase includes the design and implementation planning. As part of the construction work, our architecture department will be integrated into the construction management or take over the site management.
It is located at the interface between the client and the planning participants, authorities and executing trades. As the central interface, the architecture department is responsible for project management, represents the client vis-à-vis all parties involved, and coordinates the work in an experienced and responsible manner.

Architecturally high-quality and individual solutions

  • Basic determination and preliminary planning according to ecological and aethetic principles
  • Draft planning, approval planning and implementation planning
  • Preparation of the awarding of contracts and participation in the awarding of contracts
  • Object monitoring
  • Property support and documentation

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Sebastian Rippel
Sebastian Rippel
Abteilung Generalplanung

+49 6235 930-377


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laying of the foundation stone in Großkrotzenburg

laying of the foundation stone in Großkrotzenburg

new con- struction of a nursing home

In November 2019 the time had come again - the laying of the foundation stone. This time in Großkrotzenburg during the turnkey new construction and extension of the Theresa nursing home.