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Cable-line construction

Solutions for utilities

In the field of cable line construction, HEBERGER concentrates on high-quality and imaginative solutions for utilities.

Our range of services extends from the initial consultation with detailed planning and calculations through an application or approval phase to the final cost analysis with subsequent construction. We focus on maximum customer satisfaction in the construction of cable trenches and house connections as well as in the supply and installation of supply cables, fibre optic cables and telecommunications cables.

Efficient and sustainable

  • Annual contractual of the Energy suppliers in our Region
  • Charging infrastructure for electromobility as a full-service provider
  • Cable and conduit laying of any kind including the complete civil engineering service
  • Electrical assembly and disassembly in the low and medium voltage range
  • Assembly/delivery of energy, telecommunications, fiber optics, fiber optic cables and cable fittings up to 20 KV
  • Installation and ready for operation connection of street lighting systems


Our services. Our values.

We do more! This is the motto of our new image film. Experience what makes HEBERGER special and what distinguishes us from other companies on the market.


Speyer, Neubau Wohnquartier Loopside

Speyer, Neubau Wohnquartier Loopside

Speyer, Neubau Wohnquartier Loopside

In Speyer, direkt am Rhein gelegen, entsteht schlüsselfertig ein weiteres topmodernes Wohnquartier. Dort entstehen 2 Gebäude mit insgesamt 80 Eigentumswohnungen und einer gemeinsam nutzbaren Tiefgarage.

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