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Structure planning

Sophisticated structural design trough expert knowledge

Our experts in structural design draw on a wealth of experience based on years of implementing a wide variety of projects.

Our structural engineers design the structures of buildings and other structures. In most cases, we provide proof of stability in accordance with the building regulations. Our static calculations are based on load and carrying capacity assumptions as well as calculaton models, which are usually taken from the corresponding Standards. The work of our structural engineers is often combined with other Tasks, such as heat insulation calculation ore fire protection proof. It is always the aim of our specialists to reconcile the required load-bearing capacity and serviceability of a building structure with the requirements of economy and aesthetics during ist intended service life. As a rule, our structural engineers are civil engineers who, during their studies, have acquired comprehensive knowledge of the statics of load-bearing structures as well as of the design specific to building materials in concrete and reinforced concrete construction, timber construction and steel constrction.

Load-bearing capacity and fitness for use

  • Design of load-bearing structures in concrete and reinforced concrete construction, timber and steel construction
  • Calculations of load and carrying capacity assumptions
  • Dimensioning also during construction in existing buildings
  • Heat insulation calculation or fire protection verification possible
  • Load-bearing capacity and serviceability are basic requirements – economy and aesthetics are the goal


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Speyer, Neubau Wohnquartier Loopside

Speyer, Neubau Wohnquartier Loopside

Speyer, Neubau Wohnquartier Loopside

In Speyer, direkt am Rhein gelegen, entsteht schlüsselfertig ein weiteres topmodernes Wohnquartier. Dort entstehen 2 Gebäude mit insgesamt 80 Eigentumswohnungen und einer gemeinsam nutzbaren Tiefgarage.

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