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Karriere bei uns

“We accompany our customers through the entire project in a spirit of partnership. Our customers rely on our know-how and find out what we mean when we say: “We do more!”

Markus Effler
Managing director HEBERGER Immobilien GmbH

Real estate

Trust through experience

For many years HEBERGER has been successfully active in the development and property development business in the residential sector as well as in the development of nursing homes and residences for the elderly. In the future, the company will increasingly turn to the commercial real estate market. All segments of the real estate market can be represented here: from office and administration buildings, to retail property, hotels and restaurants, to mixed-use real estate, which is adapted to the location, takes up demand and the market situation.

Project Development and Sales

Project Development and Sales

We develop, plan and realise real estate for the commercial, service and housing sectors with a high level of consulting competence.

Property management

Property management

Not only do we build, we also offer our clients careful property management to ensure and maintain value. Objective: to increase the value of the property.

Ihr Ansprechpartner

Katharina Krugel
Katharina Krugel
Abteilung Immobilienverwaltung und Projektentwicklung

+49 6235 930-850


Our services. Our values.

We do more! This is the motto of our new image film. Experience what makes HEBERGER special and what distinguishes us from other companies on the market.


HEBERGER has been successfully active for many years as a project developer in the residential sector and in the development of senior citizens' residences.