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Prefabricated bathrooms

Prefabricated bathrooms as an alternative to conventional bathrooms

The prefabricated bathroom is an inexpensive alternative to the conventional bathroom. To manufacture a bathroom according to the conventional method means to coordinate many different trades on the building site in terms of time and space. This almost always leads to quality fluctuations, loss of time and an uncertain cost structure.

The installation of prefabricated bathrooms is therefore recommended wherever bathrooms of the same type are required in large quantities with short construction times. We therefore produce and sell prefabricated bathrooms in all designs throughout Europe – from simple to luxurious.

True to our maxim “Good products at a fair price”, we set the course for our strategic corporate orientation at an early stage. We have been producing high-quality prefabricated bathrooms for many years. Modern technologies and qualified employees create optimal production conditions and guarantee baths of first-class quality. It goes without saying that our production site is certified according to ISO EN 9001.

Ideal application possibilities

  • in the nursing field
  • in the hotel sector
  • in the construction of student dormitories
  • in the construction of residential homes for the elderly

6-point flowchart

  1. Design and offer preparation
  2. Execution planning
  3. Formwork construction
  4. Development
  5. Transport
  6. Assembly

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laying of the foundation stone in Großkrotzenburg

laying of the foundation stone in Großkrotzenburg

new con- struction of a nursing home

In November 2019 the time had come again - the laying of the foundation stone. This time in Großkrotzenburg during the turnkey new construction and extension of the Theresa nursing home.