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Lincoln housing estate 4. 2, Darmstadt

Live images updated every half hour. In Darmstadt, in the Lincoln housing estate BF 4. 2, we are building a turnkey residential complex with 143 residential units for our client. The apartments will be distributed over six four-storey apartment blocks. The individual houses have, apart from a common 2-storey underground garage with 380 parking spaces, penthouse apartments with wonderful views. The order volume amounts to approximately 27. 7 million euros. A period of 22 months was calculated for the implementation of the construction project.

Living by the river, Speyer

In Speyer, located directly on the Rhine, an ultra-modern residential quarter is being built on a turnkey basis. In the first construction phase, 2 buildings with a total of 57 condominiums will be constructed. In a construction period of about 22 months, we will build very bright and large condominiums in the very best location on the Rhine. A flood-proof underground car park with 66 parking spaces, an extensive outdoor area with a car-free play street and a green residential courtyard will also be built here. The houses have 4 to 5 floors and sunny penthouses.

Homerun, Mannheim

In Mannheim, close to the city centre, we have successfully completed the second phase of construction for the HOMERUN residential development. This will create a residential area in the heart of Mannheim. In the course of the second construction phase of the HOMERUN Turley residential development, HEBERGER erected a Quattro house with a total of 11 residential units next to a point house consisting of 17 residential units. In addition, a row house element with 10 house units and a courtyard house element with 7 units were created. The construction of an underground car park with 56 parking spaces was also the responsibility of the HEBERGER Group.

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Denise Gerhardt
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Speyer, Neubau Wohnquartier Loopside

Speyer, Neubau Wohnquartier Loopside

Speyer, Neubau Wohnquartier Loopside

In Speyer, direkt am Rhein gelegen, entsteht schlüsselfertig ein weiteres topmodernes Wohnquartier. Dort entstehen 2 Gebäude mit insgesamt 80 Eigentumswohnungen und einer gemeinsam nutzbaren Tiefgarage.

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