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Construction of 2 parking garages for W&W Completed

Parking garages as an eye-catcher. Perfectly integrated into the surrounding architecture, these two parking garages became part of the completely redesigned office campus of W&W.

An integrated planning department and our precast concrete element plant in Neulußheim enable us to implement construction projects quickly and cost-effectively. The planning and construction of multi-storey car parks, parking decks and underground garages is one of our specialties.
Since September 2016, HEBERGER has been building two multi-storey car parks with a 25,000 m² gross floor area and a 75,000 m³ gross capacity on the Kornwestheim site of the Wüstenrot & Württembergische Group (W&W). The 800 t steel structures will accommodate a total of 864 cars and 94 bicycle parking spaces. 20,000 m² of additive concrete slabs and 2,000 t of concrete for four reinforced concrete precast staircases were used.

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laying of the foundation stone in Großkrotzenburg

laying of the foundation stone in Großkrotzenburg

new con- struction of a nursing home

In November 2019 the time had come again - the laying of the foundation stone. This time in Großkrotzenburg during the turnkey new construction and extension of the Theresa nursing home.